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Desert Riders Agreement form  

  • I declare agree and confirm as follows.

  • desert riders eilat ltd (the company) and/or their managers and /or their employees and/or their reps (the organizers) deal with managing the rental of electric and regular bikes and organize paying offroad bike tours with or without guides.

  • I know that participation in the bike rides is from age 16 and above.

  • I have received from the company a comprehensive explanation about the bike rides including the safety regulations and have understood what the sport of bike riding entails including the dangers and possible harm that can be incurred and that bike riding is a high-risk activity which could cause injury and even death.

  • I am aware of the possible dangers and am taking upon myself the possible risks despite the dangers involved.

  • I agree to take upon myself all the possible dangers including injury, death and or damage to property. as a result, I take upon me the need to insure myself against all possibilities.

  • I waive completely all claim or right of any type against the company or any of its representatives, guides, employees or managers or any other persons.

  • I declare that I have experience of offroad bike riding and that I am healthy and in good physical condition to enable me to ride a bike and promise to let the organizers know if there is any change in my condition, I also declare that I will not take part in any activity if I am not up to it including being under the influence of alcohol drugs or any other effects.

  • I do not suffer from any medical or mental problems that can prevent me from taking part from the activity.

  • I promise to wear a helmet, knee, and elbow guards during all the activity.

  • I am aware that before during and after the activity I might be photographed. I agree that the activity organizers, sponsors, agents and other reps from the organizers can use without payment all my pictures, video or stills in my name to be used in any media

  • or social network including commercial promotions.

  • I am aware that I should not enter any forbidden trails and that I need to keep the area clean and avoid littering the areas and only ride on authorized trails.

  • if I am accompanied by a guide, I agree to obey his instructions.

  • I promise to instantly reimburse the company for any damage that I make to the bike

  • (The bike is photographed before and after the activity) .as security against any damage.

  • I deposit my credit card details and agree to let the company or representative to charge the full cost of the damage without further agreement.

  • I declare that I have understood all this document and waive ahead of time and of freewill in my name and in the name of any others any complaints or rights as per law

  • and promise to comply with all the above.

The details of the rider (credit card for security) and confirmation of the consent form

Approval of the consent form

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